A Drakensburg Brag-fest

If you find tales of frolicking in crystal clear mountain streams nauseating, then you may want to look away now…

We’ve been in the Drakensberg for the last 2 weeks playing a game of dodge the thunderstorms. We got hit by a big one on the 2nd night up in Royal Natal but have managed to miss most of the rest of them. As many have noted before, there really aren’t enough superlatives to describe the Drakensburg. The hiking is fantastic, big views, few people, and a lot of child friendly walks.

More than anything the Drakensburg is a wild swimmer’s dream. An almost infinite number of pools, streams, rapids, and waterfalls, with stunning back drops, warmish water (considering the altitude), and nobody else around. From gentle crystal clear pools, to thundering 40m waterfalls we have cooled off in more swimming spots than I can count.

The Berg doesn’t have much game viewing, but we were charmed by the friendly jackals who came to poke around our campsite one evening. They seemed a whole lot less charming when we woke up to find only 3 out of 8 flip-flops remaining. We eventually found most of them scattered around the campsite, all except Amy’s pair which presumably they ate.

We treated ourselves to a chalet in Lake Naverone for Christmas, where we sat by a fire as a storm blew through, borrowed a fishing rod and had a go at fly fishing, and caught up on some R+R.

Next it’s off to the Sani Pass, and up into Lesotho.



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