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Adventure blog 2

The journey has continued and we have had more adventures to explain and uncover so let’s just let the blog begin.


Malolotja Nature Reserve waterfall

We have done many different walks and the scenery has been spectacular to see. We have been to many of the biggest things in the world - they are the biggest rock slab and the biggest waterfall in the world (EDITORS NOTE - As claimed by Eswatini and South Africa - others may disagree!!!).

Since we have been in Africa l have been on the biggest walk in my life - it was 13.5km (!) long and it was in the amphitheater (Drakensberg).


Mabibi Beach Lion Fish

We went to an underwater gear shop and all the family bought a snorkel and practiced in the bathtub. The first time we did it in the sea we were at Cape Vidal when there was a big stone pipe and a strong current but it was the perfect conditions for lots of underwater animals because the current brings food for them to eat. In the rocky habitats we have seen lion fish, crabs, surgeon fish, sea urchin and pipe fish.

Bird watching

Hlane woodpecker

At Hluhluwe we were given binoculars as an early birthday present and the first bird we saw through the lens was a Cape Glossy Starling. While we were at Hluhluwe we have seen countless birds of prey soaring above and one of them was called Steppe Buzzard. When we were at Yebo Cabin we saw many colourful birds that were perched on a high small table with bird feed. I am better at identifying birds then anyone in the family, with my mum’s help. The bird that I am hoping to see is a Narina Trogon before we leave Africa but my favourite that we have seen is Purple-Crested Turaco.


Jack Zip line

Over the last month we have been to many places with fun activities. One of my favourite activities was t-shirt screen-printing: turn a blank t-shirt into a yellow t-shirt with a green snake at the front and a red chameleon on the back. As a birthday treat we did a canopy tour which had 9 zip-lines and 1 suspension bridge. The highest was 64 meters above the ground and the longest was 140 metres from one side of the cliff face. The platforms were on the side of the cliff and the zip-line travels over the canopy of the trees.

And that is the adventures we have had and we will update you next year. HAPPY CHRISTMAS!

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