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Back on the road

Well its been a few years since our last blog, and things have changed a bit. We are now a family of 4 (5 if you include Brenda) and life has been, well, busy for the last few years. However, we're back on the road doing a 10 week trip around Scandinavia. We've changed Brenda a bit to suit our growing family, and we'll be in a ground tent for this trip.

Fisher family in front of Brenda

So what's changed on Brenda? Well firstly there's the new bull bar on the front. After hitting that camel in Kenya in what was a much closer call than we realised at the time, we thought we should protect the front in case of reindeers running out in front of the vehicle.

The roof tent has gone and we'll be in a ground tent for this trip, which will make night time wee wee's easier for the 2 little'uns.

We've filled the roof rack with storage, storage and more storage, as it seems we can't go anywhere any more without taking masses of stuff.

Sammy and Jack

So there they are, Sammy is the older one and Jack is the younger. they will be 4 and 2 on this trip.

Theres a lot more to do travelling with 2 small children, so there'll be less words in these blogs, so sit back and enjoy the photos.

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