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Cappadocia, Turkey

Updated: Sep 29, 2021

Cappadocia, Turkey

Thanks everyone for the lovely blog and photo comments - Sarah and Anita's fashion reviews in particular made me chuckle! Sorry again that the updates are so slow - this blog was written a week ago...

Brenda on tiny bridge, Turkey

We arrived in Cappadocia yesterday. The landscape is bizarre as you can see in the photos. It looks like something from another planet.

We've spent the last week driving from Antalya to here via various ancient cities and wonderful scenery. My highlight has been the Koprullu canyon where there's an old roman bridge which is the only way to drive across a narrow deep canyon. The bridge was only about a foot wider than Brenda and the signs approachiıng said 'no buses' but didn't give any advice about whether a 4 ton vehicle would be OK which made me quite nervous! Above the canyon were the ruins of an ancient city mingled with a quaint vıllage, complete wıth cows grazing the steps of the amphitheatre.

Cows in ruined amphitheatre

Another highlight was an under-ground city which had been hollowed out of the rock, going down to a depth of 8 stories below the surface. It was mostly lit, but there were occassional stretches where the bulb had gone - scarey!

The Derinkuyu underground city

The main challenge we've had so far is that our budget only really works if we camp and cook our own food, but it's been too cold for that. So we've been staying in v basic guest-houses i.e. no sheets on the bed, showers with electric shocks, and heating provided by a coal fıred stove in the bedroom. Kind of an interestıng experience.

Ballons over Cappadocia at sunrise

Valentıne's evening was celebrated with a take-out doner kebab and then a night trying to sleep in several layers of thermals whilst fighting over a small blanket - Nick really knows how to treat a girl!

So we're going to head south where the weather suits our clothes...


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