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Etosha and the Caprivi strip wildlife

This blog is going to be short on words and big on pictures, as we've mostly been wildlife viewing for the last few weeks. And (unusually for us) have managed to avoid any blog-worthy calamities!

We drove from Opuwo in north western Namibia, via Etosha National Park and then through the various National Parks of the Caprivi Strip. The Caprivi Strip is a long strip of Namibian territory which pokes out into the middle of Africa creating a land bridge between Namibia, Angola, Zambia and Zimbabwe. It's very hot and humid and rich with wildlife.

We had been warned that game viewing in the wet season isn't up to much as the animals spread out into the thick greenery, rather than hanging out next to waterholes. To some extent this was our experience - quite a lot of driving without seeing much. But the bird-life was fabulous and we had occasional bouts of good luck - including watching over a hundred elephants cross a track right in front of us in Mahango NP.

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