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Jack Blog 4

Jack lake Malawi

We were driving in the mountains until we turned a sharp corner and came across the unforgettable Lake Malawi with the golden sand beaches and the tropical mountains. The warm water was as warm as a bath. The colourful fish zooming in and out of the rocky reef. The water was flat so kayaking was very fun bobbing up the small waves also the swimming was nice and there were lots of rocks to jump off. At a place called Usisya we saw millions of mokoros fishing for fish scattered across the lake at sunset. Lake Malawi is the second biggest lake in the world the biggest is called lake Victoria.

We were at a campsite called waterfront lodge near the Zambezi river and drove to a carpark down the river and feasted our eyes on the outstanding Victoria falls. The gushing water violently pounded down the huge drop soaking us in damp spray. We cautiously crossed a scary bridge onto a dense rainforest we also saw a rainbow that did a full circle. We did another walk where it was a baboon paradise and Sammy got charged furiously by one.

Boys playing volleyball

At a campsite called Kings Highway the kind owners had 2 children called Rubin and Emma. Rubin had a game called uno flip the rules were simple it’s just uno but you flip the cards over. In Kings Highway we played a game of volleyball with adults. In Zambia we met a french family called Mahaut and Abell. We played in pools, hide and seek and loads more.

Jack dive-bomb Lake Malawi

In the trip I caught malaria because it’s the wet season so malaria is common dad’s foot got stung by a scorpion because he was walking at night with out a torch so he stepped on it!

***Nick's note*** The boys blogs are written as part of home schooling exercises. We normally work with the boys to edit and improve their blogs, however on this occasion we left them to write and edit their own work, providing only guidance on spelling.

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