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Jacks 1st America blog

Old Faithful

We landed in a place called Houston. These are the highlights of the the Panamerica trip so far.

In a place called Jackson hole, we put on some wetsuits and got taken on a white water rafting bus to Snake River. Then we launched our raft and started paddling our paddles into the first tiny rapid which we made it through without flipping our raft. We were on our raft with another family who asked to play games, so their kids stood on the front of the boat and then one side paddled backwards and the other side paddled forwards so the raft span in circles and the aim of the game was to try not to fall off the raft. Then we got to the biggest rapid Big Kahuna which was by far the coolest rapid, and there were very big waves. We did some swimming in a cold bit where we jumped straight in.

Jack at Glacier NP

Yellowstone and Glacier national parks are some famous parks with mountains, rivers,

geysers and glaciers. Let me explain my story. We drove into Yellowstone and saw Old Faithful (a geyser known on the Internet around the world) explode and that was the end of us. Or maybe just maybe it only exploded out boiling water instead of spewing out lava and heated rock. After that we went to to a place that almost freezes you to death! I am just exaggerating but it was still cold and there were still glaciers and way too many mountains. We saw our first black bear of the trip!

Sammy and Jack at Yellowstone

In Idaho, we did a long, tiring backpacking hike up the rocky mountainside until we arrived at a beautiful lake where we were about to swim. Until exactly at the wrong moment a forest fire sprang in to life causing destruction and all the adults came running with water but failed to put it out. So we packed up our gear and hiked back down to the car.

Jack backpacking near lake

So thats the story of the disasters and highlights of the start of the Panamerica.

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