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We came to South Africa 2 weeks ago and have seen loads of exciting wildlife. My favourite is the astounding African Wild Dog and a Spotted Hyena. We also saw 3 Little Bee-Eaters that were beautifully colourful, a cape glossy starling that was striking and a red billed oxpecker that was eating a rhinos blood. We saw 3 of the big 5 that are rhino, elephant and buffalo.


At St Lucia we went to a crocodile centre and saw a lot of crocodiles. My favourite crocodile was a jurvnille 2-3 year old Nile crocodile because of its scaly patterns. A elastic band was put around a crocodiles nose and we got to hold my favourite sort of crocodile! There were sick crocodiles in a medical pen that were hurt. One of them got washed down a river and into the sea and the other got caught in a snare.

We have stayed in 5 places and had lots of fun and excitement. There were pools, water slides, golf, game drives and lots of amazing animals to be seen. There were lots of dangers around the hotels and camp sites; they are hippos, crocodiles, snakes and thunderstorms.

We had three power cuts on consecutive days that lasted for 2 hours. In South Africa this is called load shedding.

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