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My adventure so far

I am in South Africa and Brenda got delayed so we are in a different car.

We went to a crocodile centre where there were some dangerous southern African

crocodiles . A band was put around a baby crocodile’s mouth so it would be safe to hold one! There were sick crocodiles in a medical pen: one that got washed down a river and into the sea where it got exhausted and the other one got caught in a snare. The crocodiles got fed at 11am and it was amazing seeing their open mouths. They nearly never moved because they got really hot.


Me, mum, dad and Jack went to Hluhluwe iMfolozi National Park that protects Africa’s big five. We saw 3 of the big 5: buffalo, elephant and rhino. We stayed in a safari tent with 3 rooms connected by a wooden balcony. Me and Jack shared a tent. I made a rule so we can’t have shoes on in our tent. There were some cheeky monkeys that came in our tent but for revenge I went in their tree. We saw lots of animals from warthogs to hyena to giraffe.


We are homeschooling which involves Maths and English that we do every day. Sometime we write in workbooks and sometimes talk about what we see. In the afternoons we do these activities: geology, computing, art and science . I teach my mum Scratch; a computing coding game with easy to use blocks. The fun has no end .

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