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Right, lets get the introductions out of the way

Updated: Sep 29, 2021

Most of you will already know at least one of us - we are Nick and Amy and the plan is to drive from our flat in Camden Town all the way down to Cape Town. The idea came upon us sometime on a cold winters evening in January last year whilst getting over the disastrous end to our attempted trip in South America (I tore my knee apart on week 1 and Amy spent 56 hours on a plane ending up where she started). Our trusty steed is a 105 series Landcruiser called Brenda (she's named after a chicken) who has been kitted up with everything one needs for an expedition of this ilk. Not to bore you with the details of her modifications but the highlights include a roof tent, 60l water carrying capacity, 150l fuel carrying capacity in 2 tanks, a fridge, loads of storage and a very fine cubby box built by yours truly (well Nick's dad did most of it!). Also a big thanks to Nick's Mum who tailored our very stylish seat covers. For those concerned about our safety, don't worry, we are armed with pepper spray and a machette, which is bound to scare off any land-locked Somali pirates that might come our way.


Anyway intros out of the way we're heading off on 31st Jan 2011 and aim to be in Cape Town by Nov 2011. We're kicking off with a mad dash across freezing Europe to Turkey where we are catching up with Gokce in Istanbul. Then heading down to Antalya for some sport climbing, relaxing and coming to terms with 9 months off work. After that we'll kind of make it up as we go along, but general plan is to go via the Middle East to Egypt, then from Sudan to Ethiopia, into Kenya and on down to South Africa.

It's going to be awesome……

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