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Lake Malawi

Lake Malawi

Lake Malawi is a lake which is full of warm water surrounded by soft sand and its nice There are lots of amazing campsites surrounding lake Malawi with a view of never ending water. The kind owners welcome us graciously to the campsites while offering delicious foods at meal times from a restaurant and their food is tasty. Some owners’ owned dogs. Once we went up to the mountains and stayed in a cosy cob house with a unpleasant compost toilet where to flush we poured saw dust while holding our noses tightly. The reception had tons of games and my favourite one was called Karuba.

Lake Malawi part 2

Sammy Lake Malawi

We jumped off rocks excitedly then plunged into deep water and made a SPLASH. I swam swiftly to a largish rock that was far away and I swam back. We went kayaking and ended up jumping of it. There were billions of boats scattered across the lake. The sea bed was rocky with harmless marine animals.

Lake Malawi part 3

Sammy, Lake Malawi

Lake Malawi is the second biggest lake IN THE WORLD! There was a place where there were people doing meetings and then playing sports afterwards and we played it to. We saw a stork perching on a rock calmly which looked marvellous. We met up with some friends and made sand castles with them. I’m dazzle by lake Malawi.

***Nick's note*** The boys blogs are written as part of home schooling exercises. We normally work with the boys to edit and improve their blogs, however on this occasion we left them to write and edit their own work, providing only guidance on spelling.

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