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Sammy's first America blog

Sammy in lander


We took a taxi to the NASA space centre and bought awesome looking tickets. There was an overwhelming amount of activities. One of my favourites was the ‘Choose what to bring to space’ activity, where we had to think about the items’ weight and what is most important. The most important things were space suits, canned food, water, medicine and first aid kits. There was also an exhibit where you ‘Match the biomes on Earth 🌍 and on Mars’. Another activity allowed us to lift a box to feel how heavy it would be on Earth and how heavy it would be on Mars, because of the gravity difference. We climbed into a tram and were taken past a field of cows and the guide said they were trained to jump over the moon and after that joke we were over the moon. They took us to a gigantic rocket which was out of this world. If it was upright, it would touch the sky.

Sammy Jack Rocket


We came to Yellowstone National Park and visited a geyser called Old Faithful. It erupted boiling water in every direction. Though we were close to Old Faithful, no boiling water touched us. We took part in a ranger led walk and saw hot springs. We visited a mudpot which dissolves the rock into mud because it has acid in. That means it spews out acidic water. We visited a famous hot spring which is the one you usually see in guide books.

Grand Prismatic Yellowstone


1. KoolAid - Brilliant, easy to fit in your pocket, you should get some tasty KoolAid. That is, if you are in America.

2. Enormous flags - All over America on houses, near stores, even on top of . chickens you will see the Stars And Stripes flag 🇺🇸.

3. Waffles/pancakes. America is famous for its many waffle houses and delicious waffles 🧇, Trust me I had one.

4. Massive pine trees - There are big pine trees in America. Like really big ones called redwoods. You could drive a truck through it.

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