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Sammys blog 2

The adventure has continued since last time and we have picked up Brenda. Enjoy your read and let the blog begin!

Yebo art cabin

Sammy Yebo art gallery

After a month of camping in camp sites we booked a fun cabin in Eswatini called Yebo cabin. The cabin is nice and comfy because it has a sofa, beds and a refreshing pool that we went to whenever we want. At the cabin there was a well trained, cute dog called Luna that acts like a guard dog. We got the chance to print animals onto our t–shirts and I put on a lion, elephant, rhino and giraffe on the front and on the back there was the “big five” animals making the shape of Africa. Also at Yebo we made pots out of clay and we shaped it with a spinning wheel but couldn’t keep them sadly as there wasn’t time to dry. Pete made us some brilliant bread and Aleta made some legendary lychees.

Lion experiences

Hlane lion

Our first encounter with lions was astounding because we haven’t seen them before. It was on a safari drive and we saw them roar and it sounded like this "uuuuuurrrrraaaaaa". Our next and most recent find of lions was in a big electric fenced field. I named the lions Leon, Riga and George. They got fed bits of chicken though the fence and ripped them apart. The lions followed me but just because they like me, not to eat me, even though the lion keeper said they try to jump over the fence and rip you up. We actually got to go in a pen with baby lions that had a tyre swing and a ball!

Canopy tour

Jack zip line

We went on a canopy tour (zip lines)! There were 10 zip lines across the valleys, mountains and rivers. It was totally safe because there were 50 strong harnesses and a powerful line. The way to do it is to only hold on harder to the line at the end, but trust me it is not easy to do something that sounds so easy. In the middle of the tour there was a suspension bridge!

Extra note on red cabbage

Sammy cabbage experiment

We did a red cabbage chemistry experiment! Acids make red cabbage juice turn pink but alkaline makes it turn green or blue. The colours it made were fabulous. We had lots of stuff to test it with so I will list some, for example lemon Juice, boiled sweet and washing up liquid.

Next time we write we will have more to say but now all I can tell you is Happy Christmas!!!!

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