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Southern Namibia

Sand dune

Apologies it’s been a while. We don’t seem to have stopped for long over the last few weeks….

We made it out of South Africa and into Namibia and headed straight for Fish River Canyon, where we found we had the National Park to ourselves. It was weird when this happened in Eswatini and Lesotho, but it was nothing short of eerie to have this vast canyon to ourselves. Next stop was Keetmanshoop to visit the Toyota Garage and get Brenda’s water pump fixed. It took four days for the part to arrive from South Africa so we spent the time visiting the Quiver Tree forests, looking at dinosaur fossils, hanging out in the pool and catching up on home schooling.

Fish River Canyon

Since leaving Keetmanshoop we’ve slowly made our way north visiting the various sights of Namibia. We’ve visited places we missed last time we were here and returned to some of our favourite haunts. We’ve swum in natural pools, run down sand dunes, climbed koppies (huge granite domes), kayaked alongside dolphins and finished the days sitting by a fire, drinking whisky, and gazing at the milky way.

Sand Dune at sunset

It’s fantastic to be back in Namibia, not just because there are so many wonders to be seen, but more because it has such a different vibe to South Africa. It’s good to be able to stop on the side of the road whenever we want to have a picnic without fear of robbery or car-jacking. It’s good to stay in a campsite without fences. It’s good to be out on your own, driving on roads for hours on end without seeing another soul. Don’t get me wrong, we thoroughly enjoyed our time in South Africa, but the contrast to Namibia could not be starker.

There isn’t much more to be said - hopefully the photos will speak for themselves.

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