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Brenda Fish River Canyon

Today I will tell you about our long journey since the last blog I wrote.


Earlier on the trip we learned Maths and English using a business point of view. My idea was to run a National park, so I set prices, estimated amounts of people and costs and wrote marketing materials. If l managed it, l would earn millions of money per year. We have a new app to do times table on and if we get to a new level we get a home schooling point. We learned about rocks: there are 3 types of rocks called Igneous, Sedimentary and Metamorphic rocks. With my Dad we made games using Roblox studios that we could put on Roblox for you to play but we haven’t because it is nowhere near finished . Accidentally, we did a type of home schooling called world schooling where we learn about what we see.

Home schooling Canyon Road House, Namibia



Sammy swimming Little Karoo

As you would expect in Africa it is extremely hot so we have a lot of trouble at places that don’t have a pool. Often there is a pool and some times there is a water slide. We have experienced a large lake that is as hot as a bathtub but the bathtub was 6 meters deep, 20 meters long by 8 metres wide, has a pontoon and some inner tubes. On a walk we actually found a natural water slide in the wild : it was smooth, strong, warm and had a deep plunge pool. On the way around Africa we found lots of dried up river beds and one of them led to a small tunnel which might lead to an underground lake. It is so hot that we often see heat mirages which look like water because they reflect whatever is above it.



In a city called Cape Town, Brenda had her clutch changed, but I don’t know what it is even though Mum and Dad don’t talk about anything else. Before the clutch got changed our wind screen was chipped by a flying stone. A water pump got broken, but I don’t know how or who did it. While we did home schooling ( there is a paragraph about it ) the brown awning collapsed on top of us. Dad snapped the boot handle during breakfast and it is still broken.

Brenda Namib desert



The Fish River Canyon is the 2nd biggest canyon in the world and was a sight to behold. Amazingly we were the only people at such a wonderful canyon. We had breakfast at a deserted picnic site. The river at the bottom of the canyon looked like a bending snake. It was very very deep so we didn’t want to fall down.

Breakfast Fish River Canyon

We shall see you next time. Have an extremely lucky and fun day.

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