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We made it to the USA!!!

So, almost 2 years to the day after we were supposed to start our Pan-America adventure we finally made it to North America.


After a 28 hour trip from London to Texas via an overnight layover in Calgary, we got to Houston International airport, horribly jetlagged and hangery, only to make the (now customary) airport blunder and found ourselves unable to buy SIM cards or log onto the airport wi-fi, and therefore unable to get an Uber to the Airbnb…..

Having eventually made it to the Airbnb, slept, found coffee, food and Sim cards we prepared to collect Brenda from the docks and start our adventure, only to be informed that Brenda was still in Panama and it would be another week before she landed. This was more than a little infuriating; especially given we had been told before leaving the UK that she was already stateside and ready to go.


So with a week to spare we hired a car and took an impromptu trip to The Big Easy. Wow. What a place. Obviously we’d heard of New Orleans, but other than Katrina we hadn’t really heard much about. It is amazing. The vibe in the French Quarter is as unique as the architecture. We rode the street cars, visited the famous graveyards, wandered around the French Quarter, listened to the worlds best busker while drinking sidewalk coffee and eating Beignet’s (local doughnut type things drenched in icing sugar). We went to the fun fair, gazed at the beautiful wooden houses, got caught in a downpour and escaped into a delicious Chinese restaurant.

Needless to say, New Orleans really is a brilliant city, possibly even my favourite.

After 5 brilliant days we headed back to Texas, where we were finally able to collect Brenda and get on our way.

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