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Our vehicle is a 105 series Land Cruiser called Brenda. She's named after a large bossy white chicken who used to like to sit in the middle of the road and stop traffic near Amy's childhood home.


We bought Brenda in 2010 when she only had 21 thousand miles on the clock and had spent her early years in Guyana working for a water company. We kitted her out ready for our first trip across Africa in 2011 when there were just the two of us. Since then she has gone through many alterations, changing to fit our needs, and to make space for two extra bums.

105's are super simple to fix and maintain as there's no complex electronics, so Nick does most of it himself. We have an iKamper X-cover roof tent on top that is about the same size as a UK super-king bed, which makes for a cosy squeeze for 2 adults and 2 wriggly boys. We don't have much in the way of gadgets or creature comforts, but there's a fridge, a 100l water tank with a 0.02micron filter and a tap, a gas tank which we connect to a camp stove, and a diesel powered heater that can blow hot air into the tent if we're camping somewhere really cold. Washing clothes is done in a large lidded bucket whilst driving, and a travel shower that is warmed up in the sun.

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